Landscapes and their Buildings: Conceiving the Dynamic between the "Natural" and Built Worlds

Date: Monday, October 30

Location: Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, University of Arkansas

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Garden Dialogues: Olana, Margie Ruddick & The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Join Margie Ruddick, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award Winner in Landscape Architecture, and Julia B. Rosenbaum, Associate Professor and Chair, Art History, Bard College, for an in-depth and exhilarating exploration of Olana. Olana was conceived as a three-dimensional work of art, and its grand views west over the Hudson River to the Catskill Mountains beyond are emblematic of the era’s idealized mix of agrarian and wilderness landscapes.Church’s paintings are heroic, romantic, and intensely reverential of the land – an ethos and artistic sentiment present in Olana today. This Dialogue at Olana focuses on the significance of the landscape and its impact on art. Ruddick and Rosenbaum will offer personal insights and observations about Olana and its influence on them, and engage in a broader conversation with attendees.
Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017 3:00 pm

Location: Olana Wagon House Education Center, 5720 New York 9G, Hudson, NY

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Madoo Talks: Wild by Design: Strategies for Creating Life-Enhancing Landscapes

Margie Ruddick urges designers to look beyond the rules often imposed by both landscaping convention and sustainability checklists. Instead, she offers a set of principles for a more creative and intuitive approach that challenges the entrenched belief that natural processes cannot complement high-level landscape design. While well-known for her public commissions her residential projects urge homeowners to go in a new direction.
Date: Sunday, March 26, 2017 12:00 pm

All lectures in the winter house studio at 12pm with a reception to follow

Location: Madoo Conservancy, 618 Sagg Main Street, Sagaponack, NY

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Art Talks: Wild by Design | Margie Ruddick, Robin Elmslie Osler, Annette Rose-Shapiro | Architectural Explorations in Books Series Event

Margie Ruddick, the pioneering landscape designer and author of Wild by Design and acclaimed architect Robin Elmslie Osler meet at the crossroads of design, ecology and urbanism to explore whether nature, in all its unruly wildness, can be an integral part of everyday living. The discussion is moderated by Annette Rose-Shapiro the Managing Editor of MODERN Magazine.
Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Location: Mid-Manhattan Library, The Corner Room, New York, NY

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Follies, Function and Form: Imagining Olana's Summer House Exhibition Opening

Beth Schneck Photography •

Beth Schneck Photography •

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 6 pm - 8 pm

Location: Center for Architecture, New York

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Wild by Design at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, January 6, 2017

BD|NY Boutique Design New York

November 14

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9:00 am - 10:30 am

Boutique Design Power Players Panel Discussion

Location: Jacob K. Javits Center, New York, NY

A Boutique Design signature event, presented in partnership with NEWH, this session brings together women thought leaders in hospitality design, operations, investment and manufacturing for a lively, strategic discussion of the challenges, opportunities and trends facing the industry.
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Designing the Landscape: Q+A with Margie Ruddick

Location: Jacob K. Javits Center, New York, NY

It’s the unbuilt environment that defines some of today’s most groundbreaking projects. Get insights into creating natural wonders from a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award-winning landscape designer.

Making Beauty Sustainable: The Charles F. Gillette Forum on Landscape Design

Join the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for this forum examining connections: how, by reconnecting urban populations to the places in which they live, work and play, landscape design can revive communities. We look at how plants form connections in nature, and how those communities can be replicated in designed spaces to form engaging, durable, and beautiful landscapes.
Date: Friday, November 4, 9 am – 4 pm

Location: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, 1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Virginia

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Margie Ruddick & Wendy Goodman: Wild by Design

Internationally acclaimed landscape designer Margie Ruddick and New York magazine's celebrated design editor Wendy Goodman meet at the crossroads of design, ecology, urban planning and landscape architecture to explore if we can be Wild by Design.
Date: Thursday, November 3, 7 pm

Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street, New York, NY

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Wild By Design at the Arnold Arboretum, October 20

Margie will explain the five fundamental strategies she employs, often in combination, to give life, beauty, and meaning to landscapes.

Date: Thursday, October 20, 7:00–8:30pm Location: Arnold Arboretum, Weld Hill Research Building, 1300 Centre Street, Roslindale

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Design Trust for Public Space announces Project Team for Future Culture with Margie Ruddick named Urban Design Fellow.

Future Culture is a project of the Design Trust for Public Space and Staten Island Arts, © 2016 Design Trust.

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