Taipei, Taiwan

Situated in the Taipei mountainside, HerHer is a collection of luxury residences with magnificent landscape views of the city and surrounding natural terrain. The landscape design restores the mountainside mix of Taiwan Cypress, Taiwan cherry, and other native plants, to reconnect with the larger mountain landscape surrounding the site.  The landscape for each residence frames views and creates privacy.  The architects are Richard Meier, Steven Harris, Tsao & McKown, and Annabelle Selldorf.  The private landscapes are tailored to each architect:  the Richard Meier houses are set within a minimalist landscape of stone and green; the Steven Harris houses blur the boundary between building and site; the Tsao & McKown houses cascade down the hillside; and the Annabelle Selldorf houses create a village-like community.   The landscape deploys different planting and grading strategies to distinguish the architecture.

with Richard Meier & Partners, Selldorf Architects, Steven Harris Architects, TsAO & McKown Architects